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Why do you need the edge of die-cut thermal graphite sealed

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Thermal graphite sheet with ultra-high thermal conductivity, low thermal resistance, light weight characteristics, is a very popular in recent years, a high thermal conductivity material, graphite can conduct uniform heat conduction in both directions, so as to achieve rapid thermal diffusion function, but also can shield heat sources and components at the same time to improve the performance of consumer electronics products. At present, according to the performance characteristics, it can be divided into two types: synthetic thermal conductive graphite film and natural thermal conductive graphite film. Currently the thermal conductive graphite sheet is mainly used in IC, MOS, LCD-TV, notebook computers, communication equipment, wireless switches, routers, smart phones and other industries.

The reason why the edge-sealing of thermal conductive graphite sheet is that the graphite itself is conductive, although the insulation effect is achieved after being laminated with backing film, when cutting the size required by the customer, the edge of the thick graphite sheet will drop graphite powder particles, and the graphite drop will cause the heat dissipation surface to be uneven, which affects the heat dissipation and heat transfer of the entire graphite sheet. Secondly, graphite powder can cause short circuit of electronic products. The thinner graphite sheet, because of the size, the graphite powder can not be dropped, so it is recommended that graphite sheet above 0.2mm thickness needs to be done edge-sealing insulation treatment. After the edge of thermal graphite sheet is sealed, it will be better fitted to the heat source, and it can also prevent the drop of graphite powder particles. If it is used by customers for heat conduction inside electronic products, a small amount of thermal graphite flake off does not affect the normal work of electronic equipment, and can not be treated. However, if more fall off, in the process of use, if the graphite powder particles fall off on the electronic components, it will lead to short circuit of electronic components, which may lead to damage of electronic components. The edge-sealing process is relatively fine, you can first laminate the insulation film on the graphite sheet, die cut the required size, remove waste, and then laminate it with adhesive and die cut.


Compared with the traditional compositing graphite sheet re-operation process, the new thermal conductive graphite sheet edge-sealing process is only compounded with the protective film when the sheet graphite is asynchronously die-cut the outer frame, reducing the force on the sheet graphite in the compositing material, making the sheet graphite more stable, which can avoid the irregular jump distance of the two pieces of graphite to punch. It can also complete the die cutting of the graphite sheet according to the regular position of the punching positioning hole, which is not easy to fall off, and also makes the waste removal more convenient. At the same time, we only need to be positioned in the first step, not only effectively improve production efficiency, but also greatly improve the product quality.


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