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Company Vision: To become an outstanding enterprise with innovation and competitiveness in the industry
Company Vision to be an excellence enterprise with innovation and competition in the industry We will lead the global product direction with our professional team and technology ability; we will be one of the enterprises that provide the most popular and most trustworthy products and services
Company Mission - Succeed Employees And Repay Society
Continuously optimize the organizational building to provide more employment opportunities as far as possible; provide excellent products and services to make unremitting efforts for social progress;maximize the value of resources through scientific and technological innovation; encourage creativity to provide an ideal platform for employees.
Core Values - Create Value And Share Progress
DASEN advocate what we can do, encourage cooperation, and pay attention to sharing; advocate the interaction and win-win of the enterprise and stakeholder; advocate self-discipline and social commitment and sustainable growth; advocate to cherish posts and devote wholeheartedly to work to bear more social responsibility; advocate the enterprising spirit of pragmatic and novelty to surmount ourselves constantly; and advocate to achieve the beauty of family life by working performance.
Team Culture Passion, Sharing, Plain, Happiness
Passion: efficient and rigorous work attitude; full of passion for company, colleagues and work; sense of ownership in team building.
Sharing: willing to share their own business experience and knowledge, learning and sharing, communicating with each other for mutual growth.
Simple: coworker relationships as simple as family, simple company process, open mind to listen to other people's opinions and express ideas; focus on work, never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Happiness: love your work, learn to be grateful, and influence your colleagues and team with optimism.


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