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Thermal management solution of pyrolytic graphite sheet in fuel cells

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A fuel cell is a large power generation system. For proton exchange membrane fuel cells, fuel supply system, oxidizer system, power generation system, water management system, thermal management system, power system and control system are required: Proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) is one of the most promising electric energy sources in electric vehicles. The basic unit of proton exchange membrane fuel cell is monomer fuel cell. In addition to water and electricity, the final product of all PEMFC reactions also generates heat, which must be cooled in order to keep the fuel cell operating at low temperatures (<80°C).

The researchers found that the fuel cell radiator using pyrolytic graphite sheets can rapidly absorb and remove PEMFC waste heat. PGS has high heat transfer and is easy to assemble in fuel cell packs, making the heat sink miniaturized, lightweight and high thermal conductive pyrolytic graphite sheet can effectively maintain the fuel cell temperature and remove waste heat. This PGS cooling solution creates a low temperature, high reaction and quick response fuel cell pack, which can also be used in commercial portable electronics such as chargers and uninterruptible power system (UPS).


Pyrolytic graphite sheets, as heat sinks, can effectively remove waste heat, reduce the volume of the cooling system, and reduce its weight, through thermal conductivity to transfer waste heat from the battery to the outer air, reducing and homogenizing the temperature of the fuel cell reaction zone. If you have more questions about thermal management solutions for pyrolytic graphite sheets, please contact the DASEN team and we will discuss them together.


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