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Thermal graphite sheet effectively solves the heat dissipation problem of LED lights

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Nowadays, more and more electronic devices are applied in the automotive industry, these electronic devices not only include engine control units, braking systems, drive system control devices and other functional devices, as well as more consumer electronic products, such as: entertainment and navigation systems, and recently the use of LED technology in the automotive field has increased. When designing these electronics, including LED systems, good thermal management becomes more and more important!

As we all know, heat and space are inseparable, and under the condition of large space, the problem of heat dissipation is relatively easy to solve. For example: street lights, increase the heat sink aluminum seat can be easily solved, but the car lights can not be as big as the street lights. LED will continue to emit heat, while the lampshade is becoming smaller and smaller, brightness and power consumption are constantly improving, when the LED exceeds the critical temperature, LED lights will appear dark, color change, if the temperature continues to be too high, their service life will be shortened, LED chip life is strongly affected by temperature Ex: The difference of 11 ° C will lead to a difference of 2-3 times in life, and the result will be premature scrapping.


At present, for the automotive LED heat dissipation problem, you can use conductive heat dissipation, LED work generated by the heat conduction through the circuit board conduction to the aluminum radiator with good thermal conductivity, aluminum radiator fins and air in large area contact to dissipate the heat. In order to effectively reduce the thermal resistance between the heat sink and the circuit board, the thermal interface material needs to be filled during the period, and our thermal graphite sheet can be used to dissipate heat. The thermally conductive graphite sheet is distributed to a large area through the central temperature of the heating of the LED lights in order to evenly dissipate heat and conduct rapidly. Compared with other materials, the thermal conductive graphite sheet has ultra-high thermal conductivity in the range of 50-1900 W/mK in the plane, which is 2 to 4 times that of copper, and the thermal conductivity is very high. Thermal graphite sheet has light weight, low thermal resistance, high thermal conductivity, etc., only cutting can be done in the forming process, without stamping, spinning, cold extrusion and die casting processes. The heat conductive sheet is set between the LED lamp circuit board and the aluminum alloy radiator, completely replacing the heat conductive glue in the prior art, the radiator made of flexible graphite material replaces the aluminum alloy radiator in the heat dissipation aspect, the thermal conductivity is far higher than copper and aluminum, playing an unexpected effect, the radiator with high thermal conductivity flexible graphite can achieve more efficient heat dissipation through special design. Reduce costs while saving energy and environmental protection.

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