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The difference between natural graphite sheet and synthetic graphite sheet

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Color difference

The color of the natural graphite sheet is darker, while the color of the artificial graphite sheet is light gray.


Graphite density

The natural graphite sheet is coarser than the artificial graphite. Because artificial graphite sheet has less impurities and density is higher than natural graphite sheet. The thermal conductivity of synthetic graphite is 900~1950W/mK, while the thermal conductivity of natural graphite is only 300~700W/mK.


Natural graphite sheet has high thermal conductivity, easy processing, flexibility, compressibility. The applicable temperature range is -40~400℃ (under inert environment). No gas and liquid permeability, graphite sheet are not aged, suitable for most chemical media, thermal conductive graphite sheet is widely used such as integrated circuits, high power density electronic devices, computers, cutting-edge electronic instruments, etc., in the field of mobile phones, computers and electronics industry has good market prospects.

Synthetic graphite sheet, also known as artificial graphite sheet, is a new heat dissipation material, the use of advanced carbonization, graphitization process, through 3000℃ high temperature sintering to produce a unique lattice orientation of thermal conductive film. Mainly in two directions of uniform heat dissipation, lamellar structure can be well adapted to any surface.


1. Thin material, suitable for with thin products and small gaps;

2. High temperature resistance, high strength, stable chemical properties;

3. Low thermal resistance, light weight, excellent conductivity, electromagnetic shielding effect;

4. High thermal conductivity (good horizontal heat dissipation effect), graphite sheet can be smoothly attached to any flat and curved surface (need to pay attention to short circuit and ESD problems when applying).

At present, natural graphite sheets and synthetic graphite sheets are used in IC, CPU, MOS, LED, heat sink, LCD-TV, notebook computers, communication equipment, wireless switches, DVDS, handheld devices...Synthetic graphite sheet and natural graphite sheet are two kinds of materials are horizontal heat conduction materials, because the sintering of synthetic graphite sheet requires high temperature and the temporary cost is higher than that of natural graphite sheet, but the thermal conductivity is more advantageous.


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