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Tablet computer cooling material - thermal graphite sheet

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The tablet computer will feel hot and hot after playing the game for more than half an hour, because the heat source computer chip passes through the horizontal heat conduction of the graphite film, diffusing the heat source temperature, avoiding the high temperature caused by the tablet computer chip running too fast, resulting in local high temperature of the computer, circuit board deformation or computer crash.

The main chip of the tablet computer and two small chips, the heat generated by the main IC is very large, there is a thermal graphite sheet under the IC, and the heat can be rapidly diffused through the thermal graphite sheet and the circuit board on the back of the IC and conducted to the shell of the tablet computer, and the purpose of heat dissipation is achieved through the contact with the air in a large area of the shell. Not only a thermal conductive graphite sheet behind the tablet circuit board, but also a graphite sheet above the tablet chip, and the graphite sheet is close to the metal frame on the back of the chip and the display screen, which achieves the purpose of heat dissipation of the screen through the display screen.


The heat conduction graphite sheet conducts the heat of the tablet computer heat source to the shell and the display screen, and achieves the purpose of heat dissipation by contact with the air in a large area, ensuring the normal operation of the tablet computer chip and greatly extending the life and performance of the tablet computer. DSN series graphite is a flexible thermal conductive graphite sheet with a thermal conductivity of 700W/ M.K-1950W /m.k., excellent thermal diffusion performance in the horizontal direction, which can dissipate heat very quickly from the concentration, thereby reducing the temperature of the hot spot and the entire device, so that the equipment and machinery can run for a long time, and the high temperature will not lead to equipment abnormalities. With anisotropic thermal conductivity, it is a good heat conduction graphite material. For tablet computer with strict design space requirements, thermal conductive graphite materials are the only choice. Using graphite sheets for thermal management can make your product thinner.

When choosing a conductive graphite sheet suitable for tablet computers, factors such as thermal conductivity, thickness and size can be considered. In general, the higher the thermal conductivity of the thermal conductive graphite sheet, the better its heat dissipation performance. The thinner the thickness of the conductive graphite sheet, the better the heat dissipation performance.

As a material for tablet computer heat dissipation, thermal graphite sheet has high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance, which can effectively transfer the heat inside the tablet computer to the outside, thereby reducing the temperature of the tablet computer. The use of heat-conducting graphite sheets can improve the heat dissipation efficiency of tablet computers, extend the service life of tablet computers, and improve the user experience. DASEN also has complete sets of die cutting equipments, which can die cut thermal conductive graphite sheets into different shapes and sizes according to customer needs, providing customers with diversified products.



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