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Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet Application on Smartphones Thermal Management

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Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet (PGS) can deliver  the heat, which is generated by the CPU/Flash chip on Mi Phones’ mainboard PCB, evenly to the middle metal steel bracket and framework. Meanwhile the heat from the high heat-making CPU chip can be spread throughout the plane of graphite  sheet rapidly.

* The chip’s heat passed on the surface of the large graphite sheet on the steel bracket can be spread out fully and evenly. The part hot spots are eliminated and the chip can be kept in appropriate temperature range to get the high performance.

* The heat inside the smartphone is redistributed through the high heat conduction graphite sheet. And the heat can be dissipated effectively through the smartphone shell and the touch screen’s large area. The heat is transferred to the outside of the smartphone by the maximized surface area of the low thermal conductivity shell. Due to the uniform temperature characteristics of the graphite sheet, it can eliminate part overheating temperature and improve the discomfort feeling caused by the long time high temperature.

* The graphite sheet on the steel bracket of the back of battery bin also has the function of spreading heat evenly to the touch screen and dissipating the battery’s heat. It solves the problem of burning hands for long time use.

* LCD touch screen and the back cover can assist to dissipate Mi Phone’s heat. While the graphite heat dissipation sheet can control a suitable temperature acceptable to the human body with its excellent thermal conductivity. Mi Phone uses Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet to average plane heat and conduct heat. Then the heat can be delivered to shell, frame, touch screen and other parts so that the effective heat dissipation area is enlarged. Therefore, the heat generated by Qualcomm MSM8260 can be transferred to the outside of smartphones.


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