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Processing and application of DASEN’s graphite film

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Graphite film is a new thermal conductive material, which can conduct uniform heat conduction in two directions, and also improve the performance of consumer electronics products while shielding heat sources and components. Graphite film has the characteristics of ultra-high thermal conductivity, easy operation, low thermal resistance and light weight. According to the performance characteristics, it can be divided into artificial graphite film and natural graphite film. DASEN is committed to providing professional thermal management solutions for electronic products. After years of material research and development and technology accumulation, the high thermal conductivity artificial graphite products made by Dasen have been widely used in many industries such as smart phones, phablet phones, LCD TVS, LED lighting, solar energy, and exported to many countries in Asia, Europe, America and so on.

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In order to make the graphite film better applied, we use different processing methods.

Laminated with adhesive

In order to better adhere to the IC and electronic component circuit board, it is necessary to carry out adhesive processing on the surface of the thermal conductive graphite sheet, which can be divided into double-sided adhesive and single-sided adhesive.

Film processing

Some products need insulation in circuit design, and the thermal conductive graphite sheet itself is conductive, at this time, it is necessary to carry out film processing on the surface of the thermal conductive graphite sheet to achieve product performance optimization.

Sealed edge

In the process of die cutting, the edge of graphite is easy to fall powder, and sometimes the thermal conductive graphite sheet is sealed.

The application range of thermal conductive graphite film includes IC, CPU, MOS, LED, heat sink, LCD-TV, notebook computer, communication equipment, wireless switch, DVD, handheld device, camcorder/digital camera, mobile phone, etc. DASEN's vision is "to be a leader in the graphite heat dissipation industry and a leader in the global heat dissipation field". We have been on the way forward to provide thermal solutions to more and more customers.



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