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I love my family --- Jiangxi Dasen reading activities of science and technology

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Book is the inheritance of culture, the record of civilization, and it is also our good teachers and wise friends. Reading can cultivate people's sentiment and make ourselves become happy. Reading more books and reading good books will increase and enrich knowledge,optimize temperament and improve quality.

To active enterprise culture, create a good study atmosphere in the company, promote quality improvement and personality development, helpeach employee form a habit of reading books, DASEN held the reading-sharingactivities every month.

On May 25th, the activities were hold in DASEN’s training room regularly.

The staff chose their favorite books to read, and soon everyone began to concentrate on reading and immersed themselves into the ocean of knowledge.

Finally, the activities ended with each one’s pleasure sharing. Through the reading activity, DASEN’s staff all felt the joy of sharing reading. Nowadays, with the increasing competition in society, the pace of life is quicker and the demand for talents is more prominent. Therefore, no matter from learning knowledge, acquiring skills, or cultivating one's heart and soul, edifying sentiment, reading is extremely important.


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