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Dasen’s outdoor development activity was successfully held

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During the warmth of Spring all the flowers bloom, it is a good time to go out. In order to promote healthy life, further enrich and activate the cultural life of employees, relieve work pressure, improve the physical quality of employees, and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, Dasen recently organized all the employees to carry out outdoor team building activity in Jinyuan Ecological Park.

We take unified buses from the company, along the green grass, beautiful scenery, in a burst of laughter, we arrived at the destination Jinyuan ecological Park.

Walk in the countryside, feel the fresh air, embrace the breath of early summer, relax and leave this moment of good time, let the soul get the ultimate stretch!

We are laughing, joking, communicating, sharing our happy time together, caring for the scenery, and the little pressure in the work instantly disappears.


After the play, we all had a large cooking range, show our respective skills!

"Work hard, live happily" has always been our tenet.

We came to the venue and began to work in groups,

Picking vegetables, washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, preparing materials, making fire, so busy...



After a little rest, all the staff opened the prelude of the afternoon development activity in the magnificent slogan and full of vitality warm-up.

Look, the group competition drumming ball, seemingly simple dribbling game, in fact, it tested the coordination ability and cooperation ability between teammates, the team members also showed amazing cooperation ability, praise for them!


Through team games, let everyone realize that everyone is an important part of the team. In the challenge and test again and again, it not only inspires the spirit of team cooperation and dare to struggle, but also allows everyone to enjoy happiness in the game and gain friendship in the competition.


This group building activity let everyone in the busy work, relieve the work pressure, relax the nervous mood, but also enhance the team cohesion of all the staff. Lead all Dasen people to invest in the next work with more enthusiasm and vitality, work together, gather strength and win-win situation, and move forward bravely to the future!



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