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Dasen’s Team Building - Suzhou Spring Outing

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In order to promote employee emotional communication and enhance team cohesion, recently, Dasen's management organized an unique spring outing in Suzhou, aiming to let everyone relax after busy work and feel the unique charm of Suzhou, a garden city.

Suzhou, one of the first national historical and cultural cities, is a famous south of the Yangtze River watertown and has the reputation of "heaven on earth". The historical and traditional beauty is revealed everywhere, and the historical inheritance of more than two thousand years makes Suzhou appear in front of the world as an ancient city with a blend of nature and humanity. Its unique Bridges, flowing water, people, in the white walls of the shade revealed a bit of elegant private garden scenery.


During the 2-day tour, we visited the "Lingering Garden", which is known as one of the four major gardens in China, and felt the natural interest of the integration of ancient garden architecture with mountains, water and stones. Visited the Tiger Hill, enjoyed the unique Tiger Hill Tower known as "China's Leaning Tower of Pisa"; It was also the first time to see the true appearance of Hanshan Temple from the Tang Dynasty poet Zhang Ji's poem "Hanshan Temple outside Gusu, the midnight bell to the passenger ship".



The South of the Yangtze River watertown is the world of boats, black-awning boat is a unique means of transportation in the south of the Yangtze River watertown, taking a leaf of black-awning boat, watching the rain in the south of the Yangtze River, listening to sweet and glutinous songs, people as if they fell into the ink Danqing dyed by predecessors, really like a dream of the South of the Yangtze River.


During the trip, Dasen also carefully arranged the team building activities of Xishan Island in Suzhou Taihu Lake for everyone, so that everyone can enjoy the magnificent scenery of Taihu Lake at the same time. Through a series of team activities, let everyone deeply understand the importance of the team to advance and retreat together, twist into a rope, devote ourselves to the team, so that we become an indispensable part of the team. Cohesion only works if the team works together. Colleagues actively participated in this activity and cooperated with each other, which not only narrowed the distance between each other in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, but also further strengthened the sense of teamwork and collective honor. We all said that the trip to Suzhou was fruitful, and we will devote ourselves to the follow-up work with more enthusiasm and positive attitude.


The best way to struggle is to run with a group of like-minded people on the ideal road, head down with firm footsteps, head up with a clear distance, and back to the story of all the way.This trip to Suzhou fully demonstrated Dasen's people-oriented corporate culture and enterprise spirit focusing on employee welfare care, which played a positive role in promoting the overall development of the company and enhancing the team's combat effectiveness. Look forward to the future we can create more beautiful memories together, hand in hand, create brilliant!

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