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Dasen came to a successful conclusion of JEC World 2024

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JEC World France 2024 was held at the Villeban Pavilion in the northern suburbs of Paris from March 5-7. The exhibition attracted more than 1270 exhibitors in the composite industry from more than 49 countries and regions. The French Composite Materials Exhibition has been held every year since 1965, and is the oldest and largest composite materials industry professional exhibition in Europe and even in the world. The application fields of the exhibits are mostly automobiles, ships and yachts, aerospace, building materials, rail transit, wind power generation, leisure products, pipelines and electricity, and the radiation industry is unmatched by other similar exhibitions. JEC World exhibits a variety of composite products, including carbon fiber, glass fiber, fiber reinforced plastics, fiber reinforced metals and more. Carbon fiber is the most popular technical material in the field of new energy and made a splash at the show. Carbon fiber's excellent strength, stiffness and lightweight properties make it an important material in composite applications. It improves the durability of composite materials, enabling lighter and stronger designs for aircraft, cars, ships and even sports equipment.


As a member of the carbon fiber industry among the exhibitors, Dasen is committed to the development and production of different types of prepregs, customized resins according to the customer's application field, to achieve the best combination of resins and fibers. Prepreg is a material made by impregnating a matrix in a reinforced fiber, which is an intermediate product of a resin-based composite material, including a matrix resin (epoxy, phenolic, bismaleimide, etc.) and a reinforcement fiber (carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid fiber, basalt fiber, etc.

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