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DSN "Everyone is a Craftsman" series activity monthly launch conference was successfully held

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In order to promote employees' craftsmanship, cultivate craftsman culture, and create full participation in production management, process improvement, and corporate culture construction, Jiangxi Dasen created a series of "Everyone is a Craftsman" monthly program, planned to organize a series of skill improvement activities in each department, and held a monthly launch conference meeting on November 21.

Dasen's entire staff and the leadership of the General Manager's Office attended the launch conference. Dasen's General Manager awarded the flag to the heads of departments and encouraged everyone to consolidate the basic work and improve the skill level. He also pointed out in the conference: if we want to achieve sustainable development, capacity first is far from enough. All the staff should continuously improve their level of technology, provide improvement proposal continuously to improve the products quality and work efficiency, and to truly become the industry leader.

According to the overall plan, Dasen's activity month will start from the "Quality Month Activity" led by the Quality Department in December this year and last till May next year. Dasen's Quality Department, Engineering Department, Production Department, Equipment Department, Material Department, and Human Resources and Administration Department will lead each month's activities around the theme in turn. At the launch conference, all employees shouted out loud slogans, and the person in charge of each department of the company displayed their respective flags and made a pledge speech, showing a firm determination to execute this series of activity month, and all employees were passionate and ready to go.

"Let's wait and see what wonderful activities and effects will be brought to all staffs by the series of activities of "Everyone is a Craftsman" of DSN!


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