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On January 18, 2024, Samsung Electronics officially launched the new generation of flagship mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S24 series. The Galaxy S series is Samsung's high-end flagship series and represents the highest level of Samsung in the smartphone market.


As one of Samsung's graphite suppliers, the HTD graphite developed by the DASEN's R&D team in 2023 was recognized by Samsung and used in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series for heat dissipation. Compared with the previous HCD graphite, the thermal diffusion coefficient of DASEN HTD graphite is greatly improved, and the thermal conductivity is also improved. The following is a comparison of the performance improvement of HTD graphite, UHTD is a new development.1706076323499

Next, let's take a look at the application principle of graphite film in smart phones.

Smart phones use graphite film to solve the heat dissipation problem

The heat generated by the CPU/Flash chip on the PCB of the smart phone motherboard is uniformly transferred to the metal steel bracket and frame in the middle through the graphite film, and the heat of the CPU high heating chip is quickly averaged to the entire plane of the graphite film.

The heat of the chip is transferred to the large graphite film on the surface of the steel bracket at the same time, and the heat is fully evenly dispersed in the plane, eliminating local hot spots, so that the chip can be in the appropriate working temperature range, so that the performance is maximized.

The graphite film of the smart phone PCB shielding cover mainly distributes the heat on the PCB motherboard to avoid local hot spots and avoid the chip exceeding the working temperature range and crashing.

The heat inside the mobile phone is redistributed through the high-thermal graphite film, which effectively dissipates heat through the mobile phone shell and the large-area touch screen, and evenly transfers heat to the outside of the mobile phone through the maximized surface area of the low thermal conductivity shell. The temperature equalization characteristics of the graphite film can eliminate the local overheating temperature of the chip and solve the discomfort caused by high temperature for a long time.


The steel support graphite film on the back of the battery compartment also assumes the function of cooling the battery to the touch screen, eliminating the problem that the battery compartment will be hot after a long phone call.

The heat of the smart phone will pass through the LCD touch screen and the back cover of the mobile phone for auxiliary heat dissipation, and the conductivity of the graphite film can control the heat output at the appropriate temperature acceptable to the human body. We can say that the heat of smart phones is quickly and evenly transmitted to the shell, frame and screen and other components, by using graphite film, flat heat, heat conduction, so as to obtain a larger effective heat dissipation area, so that a lot of heat generated by the CPU can be transferred to the outside of the phone.

More comprehensive measures have been taken in the heat dissipation of lithium batteries. A graphite sheet is attached to the mainboard and back cover close to the lithium battery to dissipate heat to one side of the mainboard to prevent the local temperature of the lithium battery from being too high.

Thermal conductive graphite effectively solves the thermal design problems of electronic equipment, and graphite film is also widely used in electronic products. Graphite materials have been widely used in the communication industry, medical equipment, notebooks, mobile phones and other heat dissipation. Thermal conductive graphite has been widely used in many fields such as electronics, communications, lighting, aviation and national defense.


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