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On January 27, the 10th anniversary celebration of Jiangxi Dasen Technology Co., Ltd. with the theme of "The same boat for ten years, win-win future" was held in HowardJohnson Hotel of Xinyu. On the very meaningful day, more than 200 people from all colleagues, special guests and partners gathered together to celebrate it.

Leadership Speech

At the beginning of the celebration, Mr Halin Fu, chairman of the company, delivered a speech on stage. On behalf of the company, he first expressed sincere welcome to all the guests and friends, and extended warm congratulations to all the colleagues.

In his speech, he pointed out that in the past decade, DASEN has adhered to the mission of "focusing on the field of heat dissipation, promoting the development of science and technology, and making humans to enjoy safer intelligent products", and has always adhered to the values of "customer first, quality first, integrity and pragmatism, innovation, passion and efficiency, and win-win cooperation". Along the way, we have experienced the difficulties of entrepreneurship and climbing uphill, and we have made unremitting efforts step by step toward the vision of "benefiting society, achieving customers, and happy employees". A batch of DASEN colleagues in the exploration forward, uphold and practice the "customer-centric, struggler-oriented" business philosophy, gradually become a new force in the graphite industry and can not be ignored, has been fully affirmed by the relevant government departments at all levels of high-tech zone, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province.


At present, DASEN sets sail again in another decade, history illuminates the future, and the journey has no end. He said that all colleagues should be based on reality, always maintain strategic focus, enhance self-confidence, and concentrate on doing their own things. It is believed that DASEN, which has ten years of development history and created gratifying achievements, will surely write a better new chapter on the new journey of fully realizing "healthy, orderly and development" in the second decade.

Awards Ceremony

Time never fails to live up to the promise of those who stick to it, and sweat never fails to reward those who struggle. The ten-year development of DASEN Company cannot be separated from every DASEN person, who writes every day in DASEN with loyalty, responsibility, responsibility and dedication.

In the past ten years, all DASEN people have worked hand in hand, taking work as mission and position as position, doing one line, loving one line, drilling one line, and emerging a batch of advanced models and excellent employees.


Honor is the best reward and praise for DASEN people who work hard. At this moment, holding in the hand is not only the certificate award, but also the recognition and encouragement of their hard work. At the same time, we firmly believe that under the leadership of Chairman Mr Halin Fu, DASEN Company will surely cultivate more outstanding talents and create more brilliant achievements.

Art Performance

The lighting was brilliant, the music gradually began, and the opening dance "Gentleman" instantly ignited the atmosphere of the scene, which kicked off the prelude of the festival performance. Nine programs, such as poetry recitation "Ten Years" and martial arts "Shaolin Stick", were staged successively, fully demonstrating the good spirit of DASEN people, which is full of vigor and positive.


Gala Dinner

Night falls, light and shadow flow. The gala dinner kicked off after a toast by Chairman Mr Halin Fu. All guests and colleagues toasted, shared food, and shared a new journey.


The raffle and the game that attracted the attention of the whole audience, good luck came non-stop. 9 rounds of lucky draw, rich prizes, cash red envelopes, iphones, Samsung mobile phones and other nearly 100 prizes, the lucky people are looking forward to, happy to hold the grand prize back home.


Time gilding, Constant companion of laughter. Everyone presents a smile on the face, spent an unforgettable night in joy, and looked forward to the future in the joyful gathering.

Let's join hands and look forward to the next more wonderful and brilliant decade of DASEN Company!


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