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Application of heat dissipation graphite foil on PCB

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Some of the negative effects of overheating on PCB include circuit line disruption, component oxidation, structural integrity loss, and material expansion rate incompatibility. These effects can lead to a decline in the performance of the PCB, so it is very important to strengthen the heat dissipation of the circuit board.

The horizontal thermal conductivity of Dasen's graphite foil is 1100W/mK - 1900W/mK. This material is used as a thermal interface material with double-sided adhesive on the PCB that needs heat dissipation, which has rapid thermal conductivity effect. It can be used with various PCB designs, and is suitable for various die cutting processing, and can reduce the man-hours and processing costs of the subsequent process. The advantages are thin (<0.1mm), light weight, does not take up space and can be used in close circulation environment.


The heat dissipation graphite foil is applied to the PCB to play a role in heat insulation. On the one hand, it equalizes the heat and relieves the local overheating inside. At the same time, it spreads the heat quickly before it reaches the shell, and the feel is not too hot.


The application of heat dissipation graphite foil on PCB mainly has the following ways:

Direct sticking: The heat dissipation graphite foil is directly sticked to the position of the heating element on the PCB, and the heat is transferred out through its good thermal conductivity.

As a sandwich: the heat dissipation graphite foil is placed on the middle layer of the PCB as a sandwich, which plays the role of heat conduction and heat dissipation.

Cover the heat dissipation area: Cover the heat dissipation graphite foil on the PCB that needs to focus on the heat dissipation area to improve the heat dissipation effect.


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